KinderArts follows a child-centred, developmentally appropriate program . The purpose of our Cirriculum is to nurture the continuing growth of children’s knowledge and understanding of themselves and their world by providing a safe, caring, and stimulating environment where learning flourishes.

Our program accommodates the broad range of children’s needs, as well as their learning rates and styles, which facilitates continuous learning. This is accomplished through an integrated curriculum, that incorporates a variety of instructional models, strategies, and resources.

Curriculum integration provides educators with a practical approach to connect outcomes in a meaningful way. It is a holistic approach that reflects the real world and prepares children for lifelong learning.  Integration is above all a practice that is not learned or taught, but is lived.

The kinder arts program values the development of the whole child by recognizing
  • The individual and social nature of learning that children learn through active involvement and meaningful play
  • The importance of developmentally appropriate practices that enhance children’s learning
  • The significance of all areas of development the early years as the strong foundation for lifelong learning.
  • The kindergarten program views assessment and evaluation as integral components of the teaching/learning process. This supports the child’s learning and assists the educator in making developmentally appropriate educational decisions.
  • The kindergarten program values educators and families as partners in a child’s education. Educators and families collaborate to create a climate of respect, success, and joy for lifelong learning.